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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by HusseinSherif View Post
Hello guys, its Hussein. Im 14 years old and i think i've hit puberty. 3 weeks ago, i was watching porn and i tried to masturbate, i was rubbing my penis and a red fluid came out. I made a urine test, everything was fine. And 3 days ago, i was sleeping and i woke up feeling that my penis wanna ejaculate, i haven't had a dream but, i was ejaculating, it was a white colour but when i wiped it with a tissue, i saw a very light red colour. Guys i really need help and im so worried, so please dont make fun of me cuz that makes me more nervous.
Red fluid may be blood... However embarrassing it is, just see a doctor. Honestly something could be very wrong so don't just leave it.
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