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ok so i've been the girlfriend in this situation b4, normally i'd say dont make her promise to stop cutting, but my boyfriend at the time did, and i didnt completly stop but i only cut three times in the three months we went out, and b4 that i cut amost everyday.

all i can say is that if you dont see any improvemnt then worry, but ask her b4 you how often she would cut, and remeber that.

tell her, when she lies or anything like that, cutting isnt how it works, when your in a relationship, its both your problems, you work it out together, talk abotu why she lied and how you can fix the trust in your relationship. she has to talk to you when theres problems in the relationship, and let her know that when she cuts herself over the relaitonship problems,, its like shes cutting you too, because she didnt give you the chance to work on it, she made the desion by herslef, and a relationship takes two.

( the reason i empisize on "cutting when dealing with the realtinship problems" and not cutting when depressed is because my boyfriend would tell me to call him when i'm depressed and want to cut, but it would never work for me, but when i wanted to cut over something i did to him or something, we'd talk about it, and it would help.

hope i helped

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