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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

[QUOTE=Mannequin;167121 I say sexuality is puberty related. because most of the crises just involve curiousity and hormones.

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. you can call me white boy if it makes you feel better because obviously RACISM upsets you like homophobia does me.[/QUOTE]

Sexuality is puberty related, but it spans beyond the realms of just puberty. Granted, most of the puberty threads involve curiosity and hormones, but there are other sexuality oriented crises that are not necessarily limited to puberty. Take for example the struggles of growing up bisexual or homosexual. These types of threads do not necessarily belong in the puberty forums. Homosexuality and bisexuality are not parts of puberty, they are parts of life. Puberty merely facilitates ones sexual attachments and likings. Now should struggles with sexuality go to say TWPR, perhaps, but they get overlooked as TWPR has basically become a place for the general discussion. Not a lot of help will come from there. Additionally, sexuality struggles deserve more attention than just general discussion.

As for the second part, chill. No one needs to be raising any tempers. Take a step back and breathe...the both of you. Val, I know you’ve committed no offense, but breathe before you say something out of line

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