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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

*sigh* I think I did pretty well when not quoting and remembering the raw facts to a pretty sufficient percent. Why are you dragging this argument of racism onward. I only wanted to make a point that rascism and homophobia and just as great of problems. Just as many people are rascist as homophobic. I'm glad your not made fun of--good for you. I think teen sexuality would only be a trash forum AND SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN A PSYCHIATRIC WARD FORUM.

We have gone to wanting to delete puberty SHIT to expanding it to three forums, which is now going to be four. I say sexuality is puberty related. because most of the crises just involve curiousity and hormones.

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. you can call me white boy if it makes you feel better because obviously RACISM upsets you like homophobia does me.


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