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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
I really just enjoy sparking up mischief and arguing with people.
Now is that really wise?

"its hormones ORRR if you like the same sex your gay--get over it"
I can think of several insatances where neither of those answers would be sufficent.

You are an active poster in the puberty forums and have yet to show your face. Your avatar only adds to my first point of your horniness and that most gay males are sluts. I'm probably taking your avatar too seriously, but any gay male that has been on vt for that long and puberty still fascinates them--well nvm.
a) He did post pictures of himself in the VT Photo Album 2007 edition- and yes I know because as I said in my post on that thread I looked through every single of those 70-some pages. Not that that has anything to do with ANYTHING.
b) It's a firework. Chill.
c) What's wrong with still posting about puberty after being on the forums for a year? The majority of his posts were in answer to other people's questions anyway, which is the reason people post- to get answers. I really don't see how that is wrong in any way.

4. To the black girl,

There's not much else you could do to insult me.

I am referring to past segregation.
What does past segregation have to do with anything?? If the Gay Bar was to become a forum, I seriously doubt people would be asking for advice about the history of gays. We live in the PRESENT and we're talking about CURRENT issues and the way people feel RIGHT NOW.

I imagine you live in a mostly colored area aswell.
AS I SAID I have spent the majority of my life in WHITE SUBURBAN AREAS.

You should really read more carefully before posting.
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