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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?


I'm not going to quote all of this, but I will respond to what I have read and can remember in this one post.

1. I'm gay, most youthful gays go to gay bars and are therefore "sluts" by my terms. Nearly every gay male appears to be so driven by sex, although that is just males in general I suppose..but 2 males makes it 2x as slutty.

2. Ashley, the way you put it makes it sound better. Although honestly I don't truely care if this forum is created I really just enjoy sparking up mischief and arguing with people. Maybe I care more than I think. I just don't see why this forum will be soooo useful when every question will be the same and you can answer 75% of the questions with one of two answers "its hormones ORRR if you like the same sex your gay--get over it". I don't see why we need a seperate forum for that when we have so far expanded the puberty forum already when VT IS NOT EVEN ABOUT PUBERTY AND THE GROWING TEEN AND WE EVEN HAVE A SEPERATE SITE FOR THAT STUFF.

3. Movealong, I thought I had read before that you were black. I can see why you want this sexuality forum. You are an active poster in the puberty forums and have yet to show your face. Your avatar only adds to my first point of your horniness and that most gay males are sluts. I'm probably taking your avatar too seriously, but any gay male that has been on vt for that long and puberty still fascinates them--well nvm.

4. To the black girl, I am referring to past segregation. Also, I never said all black people. People of minorities tend to be so quick to finger BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN BETRAYED IN THE PAST. You are very fortunate, many blacks at my school are talked about rudely behind there backs and get picked on. Feel fortunate. I imagine you live in a mostly colored area aswell.

5. If I missed any, oh well.

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