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I don't think it has to do with the servings. But you know, I've lived here all my life..I'm used to it.

I think the problem is how often people go out to eat. Barely anyone has dinner at home anymore..they go to restaurants and eat the food someone else soaked in grease. Then they go home, lay on the couch with a bag of cookies and watch television. The body can't burn calories by just sitting there, so it adds up.

This other kid had a fucked up parent. She wanted him to be the "biggest" baddest kid in school and the world. She would feed him triple fried pig fat. And she didnt even want to hear that she was doing bad cuz she thought that she was doing good.
I saw that, that (^) lady sickened me. How can you do that to a child? I mean, doesn't she realize how much torture that kid is going to go through later in life?

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