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Default Re: I know we're not supposed to know about love but....

I can relate in a similar way. It's just the girl I fell in love with is 2000 miles away from me...has a "boyfriend," and 2 years and ten months younger than me. Ehh no biggy.

The thing is if you truly love her you will do what makes her happy...not what makes you happy. If she wants a relationship with another guy and she really believes that she will be happy with that other guy then you should support her.

As of you and her being with each's never for sure. DO NOT TRUST LOVE...meaning do not trust it when you fall in love with someone and you think they love you back. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT TRUST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The age difference thing...a few days isn't bad. If you ever fall in love with someone who you truly do love and you think its wrong re think it because that is the government telling you it's wrong. It is only wrong if you like someone a few years younger than you and you just want sex. Age is timeless. can be wonderful in relationships. It can be horrible and terrible when not.

Just remember...if you love her and you are willing to do anything for her...and she is happy with some other guy...then let her be with that other guy. If you are truly meant to be with each other...then trust will find her just like it found you. We can never answer the whole "is it possible" questions in a snap. It's all...unexpected if you will.

Good luck!!
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