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Default I know we're not supposed to know about love but....

Hi, now, i know teenages arent supposed to know about love, or what it is, but i truely believe this is real.

I'm in love with this amazingly beautiful, lovely, wonderful, amazing person. She's called Maria, and she amazing. She's this wonder person, a friendly and great person to hang around with. She's a great actress and an awesome friend and I truely believe that i love her, but i know alot of you will say its not real, but listen to me first.

I daydream about her in classes, i think about her at home, in the park, with friends, i dream about her at night. In those dreams we're laying on the grass staring at the stars, me just holding her, messing around with other friends, messing around by ourselves, having a great time, or simply laying down on the bed in each others arms.

We only share a few classes, and next year, we'll probably share even less, but in those few, i find myself lost in her eyes, even if she doesnt notice. I know i probably sound like some pervert or stalker, but she's actually only a few days older than me.

Maria and I are actually good friends, and i have told her how i feel, and she accepts it but hasnt replied to me about how she feels. Now, me and Maria share a lot of things, and we're good friends, just messing about, but recently she told me that she had a major crush on my best friend and he doesnt even notice! It pisses me off!

I just want to scream at him to take notice, but i dont because i promised her that i wouldnt tell anyone unless she told me to, and i always try to keep my promises, espesically for her. I would literally do anything for her! And she's alway fluttering her eyelids around him, or laughing at his jokes (sometimes even when they're not funny) or trying to be around him alot more and its annoying me that that's not me!

I asked her about this, and she answered that she didnt even notice she was doing it!

I know only a few guys have ever asked her out, but she has always turned them down (one guy asked her over text saying "i was wondering if you'd go out with me? Sorry!") saying that she wasnt yet ready to have a relationship, and i agree that she should wait until she's ready.

I need some advise. Everyday i wake and everyday its the same, i wish she feels the same thing that i do.

Can anybody help? Do you think that our relationship will ever advance more than "Just Friends"?

What up?

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