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Aaaaaand adding my 2 cents.

I'm sorry, Zach, but this is one place I'm going to have to disagree with you.

It is not our right, as human beings, to decide who lives and who dies. We have several laws against it, as a matter of fact. Just because the person in question is not a fully developed person does not change that. There is a LIVING organism, and the object is to STOP it from living.

Murder. Plain and simple. Taking life from something that once had it.

There is no instance whatsoever where we have the right to take any person's life. None. Ever. Period.

If there was the chance that the baby would be born with mental problems...does that mean we have the right to line up all mentally retarded people and shoot them?

If there was the possibility that the mother would not be able to care for the has been said, waiting lines for adoption are very long.

If the mother was raped...she should realize that killing her baby would be stooping to her rapists level. She should celebrate that where there was once destruction, there is now a new life created. And even if she can't accept the baby as her own, again there are people who can only dream of having children.

If the parents are irresponsible teens...plenty of responsible adults willing to take a newborn.

And my last point- if there was a chance that the mother would not survive birthing...I believe every mother should be willing to risk her life for her children, born or unborn, no questions asked. That is just my belief.

No, I have never found and still can't find any instance where abortion is proper or necessary. It is wrong.

Alright. That's my 2 cents.

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