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lol yea dude...women showing their breasts not such a great idea when it comes to girlfriends. But here's my's important to have someone that makes you laugh, that you can tell anything to, and that makes you feel wanted...and it's really important these three people don't know each other. lol jk. Yea heres some good advice...
1) Treat her the way she deserves to be treated.
2) Don't get mad at her even if she gets mad at you. It will help with her knowing that you really do care.
3) Listen to her.
4) If you live near a ski resort...TAKE HER SNOWBOARDING/SKIING!! That works Miracles in the relationship!!!
5) If she is crying hold her.
6) If she is cold give her your jacket even if it is -10 out!!!
7) Hold her hand.
8) Hold her in front of your friends.
9) Don't be embarassed to tell her you love her (ONLY SAY THAT IF YOU MEAN IT!!!! I WILL BE ON YOUR ASS IF YOU SAY IT AND YOU DON'T MEAN IT!!!)
10) Kiss her gently on the lips. NO TONGUE!!! Eyes closes...and just kiss her gently. Ohh one more thing NOOOO TOUNGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! CUT THAT DAMN THING OUT IF YOU HAVE TO!!!!! NO TONGUE!!!!


I SAID NO!!!!!

lol thats my advice.

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