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Default Re: Complexity in Women

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
The only thing is...we gave him advice...he didn't like it...he threw a hissy fit and thats when I snap. If you can't hand other peoples opinions when you ask for it THEN DON'T FUCKING POST!!!!
Where was advice given? The VERY FIRST POST made fun of him. You guys instantly mocked his feelings as to how long he's been dating/connected with people.

And to follow the suit of this topic, I declare bullshit on advice being given.
your only slightly helpful piece of advice is "Don't worry bout dating till like 9th grade or something." But that's brushing off him WANTING ADVICE. I mean, you basically went on the attack saying the dude was gonna get beat up A LOT, what're you basing this on? Nothing. So he went on the defense. NOT BECAUSE YOU OFFERED ADVICE, because you merely went "lol you're gonna get beat up by older people".

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
sounded like he was asking for advice to pick up women and sleep with them. That DOES NOT FLY BY ME very well. In my opinion girls are the greatest gift given to us and vice versa for them. I hate it when guys just go for sex or when they say "I love you" when they don't mean it. (Those words are not to be fucked with...) I hate guys who breaks a girls heart because he didn't go out with her because he liked her in the first place. To me thats using a girl and it is so abusive and so wrong.
find me one, ONE time where he mentioned sex, or women being objects. He merely stated that he had trouble around them, and found them confusing.

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
I never said he had to like it. I never said he was under an olbigation to take it. I'm just saying if you can't handle other peoples opinions then don't post. It seemed to me that he couldn't hand the opinions other people had to offer.
There's a difference between your opinion on where this kid is in life, which you stereotyped him into with absolutely no evidence and actual advice.

In response to the original poster, women are confusing and always will be, just be honest and try to prove you don't just want sex.
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