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Personally I would have hunted down those bitches and made sure they left me alone.

But dude don't believe them. I would also try being a gentlemen and go to her house to see if everything is ok and straighten things out with her parents. You know "Hi Mr. and Mrs. (insert last name here) I just wanted to come and straighten things out. I know we have differences but what really happened is that we were fooling around when I "slapped her" (DO NOT use air quotes). I care for your daughter to much to hurt her like that."

But due to falling down stairs...thats a load of bullshit. I would go over there and see if it was true though regardless if her parents hated me...because at least I show to her and her parents how much I cared for her.

Don't let her parents get in your way of the relationship. If she ever gets surgery, then go in there by her bedside when it is over. If her parents say "no" be like "Mr. and Mrs. (last name here) please...I know we have differences but right now isn't time to settle them. I honest to God care for her a lot otherwise I wouldn't be here."

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