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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
This is a poor idea. If VT advertises diversity and acceptance, setting aside a forum for something such as homosexuality is contradicting. Being gay is no different than being black or white and having a forum for something as this only makes homosexuality look unnatural and different, when that is the last thing gay people want to be perceived as. There are no topics in the gay bar diary that people couldn't solve in the WPR or the normal relationship forum because gay people are not creeps that need a seperate forum to address there relational needs in or problems in. We might as well have a forum for fat people so they can feel normal. The gay bar diary is enough already.

ALSO, I agree with the idea of the name being changed. The gay bar is slutty--which actually does fit most of the gay community anyways, but its too crude.
hey that wasnt very nice "The gay bar is slutty--which actually does fit most of the gay community anyways," you could spark a huge argument and trust me you wont win. also i understand what you are saying but i disagree and believe they should open that. and im sure if we name it "am i gay" the traffic in the site will double or even triple. which most people would like.

also movealong has a point. i only know 2 black people on here for sure and why would we open a forum or diary when we have barely have anyone discuss it with or even relate to.

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