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I am a kid and I feel like I should do things now, live life, and have fun. I'm not really afraid of doing drugs and the only drugs I have ever done is dranken alchohal, and smoked cigarettes and bud. I don't think i'm addicted to any drugs. I only smoke cigs when i'm in a really bad mood or i'm with friends and want a buzz, however I do not depend on them and can/have gone long periods without smoking. I smoke weed occasionally to feel high and it's not addictive. I only drink when i'm at a party or me and my friends have nothing to do and we have access to it. To people that want to bother us for doing things, LET US. No matter who you are or what you do you are going to die. I would rather live a short happy life my way than a long boring life the "safe" way. If you love life without drugs, good for you. But i'm not going to try to change it and you shouldn't try to change what I do.

Hi i'm Hailey! I am 15 and singleeeeeeeeee I am bi and i don't accept friend requests from boys (we all know what they want ) If you wanna chat or have any questions hit me up
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