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Default Re: Complexity in Women

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
The only thing is...we gave him advice...he didn't like it...he threw a hissy fit and thats when I snap. If you can't hand other peoples opinions when you ask for it THEN DON'T FUCKING POST!!!! It's just clear logic people. To me it sounded like he was asking for advice to pick up women and sleep with them. That DOES NOT FLY BY ME very well. In my opinion girls are the greatest gift given to us and vice versa for them. I hate it when guys just go for sex or when they say "I love you" when they don't mean it. (Those words are not to be fucked with...) I hate guys who breaks a girls heart because he didn't go out with her because he liked her in the first place. To me thats using a girl and it is so abusive and so wrong. It may sound odd coming from a guy...but I have fallen in love before and that's why I get so sensetive to the topic because the person I fell in love with I cannot be with. Long story.

Oh and I'm raising the bet....75 extra chocolate cookies it doesn't happen.
*people begin to gasp*
Dude you're getting on my nerves. Take a chill pill. Just because he asks for advice doesn't mean he has to like it. He's under no obligation to take your advice. He chose not to take it so deal with it. You don't know anything about this person so you can't judge him off a few posts. You're just making up crap and assumptions.

Lay off the dude and if it pisses you off, go away.
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