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Default Re: Guys will know they are in love when...

Regardless if it is illegal or legal, age is timeless and that's what I hate about this fucking government. They have made it illegal to fall in love with someone younger than you. They classify you as a "pedophile" and a pervert. Soon you are a registered sex offender because you fell in love. You cannot help who you fall in love is basic human instinct. Sometimes I think God looks down on the Government totally ashamed that they won't let someone be with someone else because they are younger.

MY DESCRIPTION OF A PEDOPHILE: Someone who has sexual relationships with someone else under the age of 18 by force or by will. Not by how they wound up in love.

The girl I fell in love with...she lives in Miami. I live in Breckenridge Colorado where we met. I saw her recently when we went down to visit. But shes 2 years and ten months younger than me. Sure it bugs me sometimes but I just tell myself its the fucking government who made me think Loving someone younger was wrong.

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