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Default once again..

i'm so tired of my brother.
he's punched me, hes slapped me in front of a friend,
and last night, he was yelling at me for variouse things; calling him late at night when he has to work, also i "lost" his molsan indie ticket, which i had no part in, and for being on the computer at night, even though i wasnt making noise.
he pushed me off the chair, told me he was going to kill me and such, so i grabbed a pillow and my cell phone and left, my dad chased me but i ran,
i spent the night in a park, with a pillow, and laying on sticks.
i feel like i have no where to go anymore.
i told my dad he has to pick me or ryan, becuase i'm not living with him, and my dad said to calm down, and then denyed knowing that ryan punched me last year and left me with bruises on the face, i cant belive he was saying he didnt know, i told him myself.

my dad said he talked to ryan and told him that there will be no threats of violence or hes out of the house, but my dad has no back bone, and i know ryans not going to change. he said the same thing when ryan punched me, but then when he slapped me in front of my friend, my dad didnt do shit.

i'm not going to talk to CAS or child serivies or whatever, they've ruined too many of my friends lives, i guess i've just got to wait till the next time he hits me too see if my dad will do the right thing.

(i feel so trapped)

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