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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

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Originally Posted by Mannequin
This is going off topic, but there is no reason to have a forum for people when being gay is natural. Where will you put this new forum? Mental disorders? The only place I can see it being put is there or mixed in with puberty and then it will be trashed--like it already is.
Because teens may need support through these and hardships of being gay. It's supposed to be natural and accepted, but it just isn't. And I think we could do with a forum like that because there's many gay people here, and many to come - they may need help coming out, going to a new school or accepting themselves in their own sexuality (which these topics come up pretty frequently both in the gay bar and in Puberty101)
There's already been posts in this thread about the renaming and where it's going to be put. If we do make this a forum, it's probably going to be renamed "Teen Sexuality" and put in Puberty101.

Originally Posted by Mannequin
So to conclude, why would we encourage a seperate forum specifically for gay people to only exclude the gay population--even if only online more when being gay is just as normal as being straight and gay people's relational difficulties and hardships can be addressed in an already established forum with straight people??
It's not going to exclude them because it's there for advice for the lifes they're living in the real world. Just like any forum, it's there for you to talk and get help as well as ask questions.
Plus I want to add that the topic of being black, asian or overweight doesn't have a forum because those topics don't come up on the site that much.

Originally Posted by Bobby
Wow. He has a very good point. If we were to have a gay forum, then wouldn't we have a black forum, or an asian forum? What about the other minorities?
The other minorities can create their own diaries and topics in other forums. If the site gets enough threads about this topic, there might be a consideration for an official forum. Since it's not discussed often enough, why should we create a forum for it?

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