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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Hardly ever are black people rejected by their families because their families are black too.
I don't hear many stories (but duh it prob does happen) of fat people being beaten up for the sole reason of being fat.

And kids don't ask other people "am I fat" or "am I black". Plus, in my school, there's gay hate comments made every day by black people and by fat people as well as white people.
I guarantee there is as much prejudice against fat people and black people than there is against gay people. Gay people have never been banned from public places, yet blacks have. I know your black, Zach..maybe you live in a mostly black area. This is going off topic, but there is no reason to have a forum for people when being gay is natural. Where will you put this new forum? Mental disorders? The only place I can see it being put is there or mixed in with puberty and then it will be trashed--like it already is.

I disagree with the fact that you say that homosexuality will be perseived as unnatural and different - that must make Schizophrenia and Depression look like it too, because we have forums for that. I disagree...sorry...
Homosexuality is different because it isn't a disorder!! (spare the debate arguments). Unlike depression and schizo, being gay is just a sexuality. You cannot cure it. Also, homosexuality already is perceived as different. How many gay married couples do you know, Gay presidents, etc.?

So to conclude, why would we encourage a seperate forum specifically for gay people to only exclude the gay population--even if only online more when being gay is just as normal as being straight and gay people's relational difficulties and hardships can be addressed in an already established forum with straight people??

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