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Default Re: Guys will know they are in love when...

I know the feeling. I know what its like to give all of your love to one person, just to have them disappear. I fell in love with Veronica, who lives across the ocean. she's only here for about a month a year. I spent an entire year only thinking of her. Dreaming of her. But in the end i knew that she couldn't love me in the same way. She was two young (four year difference). And it was that age difference that made me choose not to start a relationship with her when she got back. however one of my friends cousins moved in with him, and he had an obvious crush on her. He didn't like me, and i didn't like him, so he started talking to Veronica about me, and because she was so young she was easily manipulated. All her friends became cold to me, and i stopped going over to see her. Her last night here last year i heard her talking to him. The way they said goodnight to each other, still causes my face to grow angry. and she's here, right now. not fifty yards from me. and i cant do anything about it.

So just know, you're not alone. and thank you, it was good to know that someone else can understand how hard it is to dream of the same girl every night, and wake up crying because she's not with you.

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