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Default Can any girls help me out please?

I was wondering if a girl liked a boy(sexually), would they ever ask the boy if they felt the same way or even ask the boy to ask them out or would they say nothing in the hope that the boy would say/do something. I have just noticed, without being offensive or sexist because that is most definitely the not what I am trying to achieve, that the boy is always the one who 'asks'. At least that's the way it is here in merry old london. Maybe it's different in the states, I just don't know.

I would feel a lot better if I knew if a girl liked me or not before I 'went for it'. It would be better that people would just speak their minds (tactfully) than for every attempt at a relationship, in this instance, to be a stab in the dark. Trying to be a psychic is all I ever seem to be able to do in this instance. Any ideas.
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