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Originally Posted by cosmos
now watch shaolin post and say all you people are just conspiring against him. yeah right. and whats even more sad is all you losers who will believe him
you three are complete idiots, you know that? your always bashing him for his belief. well cosmos your always for the us gov't right? umm...freedom of speech. he can have his opinion and you shouldnt insult and taunt him for it. that is childish. he says somthing intellegent and thought threw and you say basically "your a big poo poo head and your wrong" not an exact quote, but a good summery of your posts. now some ideas shaolin has i disagree with and thats fine. live with it and grow up. im a supporter of shaolin and let me tell you, i never intend to take drugs. i think thanks to shaolin i have made my decision to stay clean. and most other people that listen to him would feel the same way. not saying if you disagree with him you will become a pot head, but im gonna say people that listen to the facts that shaolin gives *cough* unbiased *cough* will be more likely to stay off drugs. your facts are vauge and say its bad wrong. so what is the rebel gonna do? drugs. what is the curious kid gonna do? drugs. now shaolin gives real facts, thurough info, and life experience. what will rebels do? nothing, no reason if its fine there is nothing to reble against. what will curious kids do? nothing, they know every thing now, no need to experiment
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