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Default Re: Complexity in Women

Originally Posted by Jacob13 View Post
You're 14 and you cant even spell? You sound like WOMEN(!) are venom and to be handled with extreme caution! Geez!

And, FOR THREE FRICKING YEARS!?! I didnt even go on my first date till earlier this year! And that didnt even go very well! So i really dont know how you know 'what to say and when to say it'! It sounds like all women and gurls (i just like spelling it like that) have a transcript that you follow when on a fricking date!

Originally Posted by Jacob13 View Post
If any girl that replies would leave an email address or and Msn address
And now your trying to pick up gurls over the bloody internet! Geez man! Cool you motors and try to befriend someone first before you go off and try to bloody bed them!

Dont just think of every gurl you see with long legs, a good arse, and a nice set of breasts can be another notch on your bedpost!

Oh, and i bet 45 cookies it doesnt happen!
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