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i guess just hot and cold water....

Originally Posted by Pioneer92 View Post
maybe this should be a question for another topic but im just wondering, how do u use stuff for anal masturbation? ive always been kinda curious about it but i dunno how to start or anything
u just grab something soft that is skinny enough to fit up ur asshole (prastate stimulators work best) but fingers push oxygen uo there, when u want to put ur stimulator in, withiut poushing oxygen in...thats y u dont get a good enough orgasm with fingers...

Originally Posted by Pioneer92 View Post
you dont have to be gay to enjoy anal masturbation
....u are ABSOLUTLEY right! +rep....this is because all guys have a prstate, and it just feels good when u stimulate right.
all the "i hate gay" bitches just think its anal sex, and a guy or a girl with a strap-on is the only way to get that.

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