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Originally Posted by Enkoi View Post
Actually, I agree with you, Octo22; As apposed to everyone else.

I used to be all into that stuff...I loved the punk scene I loved that music, and yeah I think now a days its VERY hard to find that mainstream punk most everyone is looking for you know.

I don't think really any kind of music is "dead" there's always some sort of group out there that likes something people aren't into as much anymore...

I've always been torn ever since I really started growing up. Music is my life (aside from art and literature). I've grown to love and listen to almost anything...(look at my siggy...)

I've found out I REALLY like the indie rock and even indie rap (or underground)...just not mainstream. But I won't lie, I do listen to SOME popular songs (thats mostly because of my 8th grade brother). As long as the music can express the real me or my current emotions...

...It shouldn't matter as much...
Well said.

Also your signature made me laugh, seeing Alanis Morisette next to Slipknot
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