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Originally Posted by Ironic Infidel In England View Post
I AM pyro. the only reason I'm not out side trying to "burn shit down" is that my parents know I am pyro, and thus keep all means of fire-making from me. Do not talk about what you don't know. I mean, the lengths I've gone to in the past to set stuff one fire.. you wouldn't believe.
This still seems to me more like an OCD regarding fire. Pyromaniac is a mental disease, have you been diagnosed? And also, it's not that hard to merely go to a shop and buy a lighter.

And I'd just like to state, I'm not trying to personally attack you, but seriously too many young people claim to have diseases when they've just got similar traits and want attention. If you've been medically diagnosed, then you are. If you like fire and mommy and daddy know this, you're not.
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