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Originally Posted by Pink-Floyd View Post
The Punk is Dead, The Real Punk Music ERA Was 1977 - 1980, The Used My Chemical Romance Greenday, All that stuff is EMO, Real Punk was The Clash,
The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, The Adverts, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Sex Pistols, Joy Division and ETC,
I'm sorry, I can't consider half that shit punk. I don't see why The Ramones are always considered punk, they seem so much similar to the fuckin beatles. Sex Pistols LIVE sound punk, the rest seems almost light rock to me.

Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
The Offspring is punk, Sum 41 is punk, NOFX is punk, but Fall Out Boy is pop, The almost and Red Jumpsuit are pop as well.
None of those are punk, NONE. You're mixing Alternative Rock, with punk.

Do people claiming punk is dead, NO. Mainstream punk is dead (Sex pistols/ramones/exploited) BUT, you clearly don't realize that that's the point? Punk was created to go against the mainstream, when these bands became mainstream, they lost their fan base in the underground scene's. Punk is fuckin alive, hell I just got back from a Punk show 2 hours ago. The difference is, local punk lives, it's not mainstream. Every neighbourhood has a punk scene, the key part is not being 14 and fucking finding it.

Stop jumping on the "punk is dead" bandwagon. THE MEDIA JUST CAN'T FIND IT. Hell, one of the bands in my city made their own recording label for punk in the tri-city area. I have over 30 punk CD's scattered around my computer.
When I ask someone if they've heard of "The Nummies, Hands of the Few, The Sewer Rats, The Gutter Demons" many say no, CUZ PUNK IS UNDERGROUND.

fuck you all, punk isn't dead. And the ramones are popish. They had a fanGIRL basis. The only girls I know who like punk are either lesbian or hardcore street kids.
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