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Originally Posted by Camazotz View Post
It all depends how they burn it, and for what reasons. If they simply want to make a point and need to burn the flag, then should it be legal. But if they burn it for fun, then it should be illegal. But how to prove whether they should be guilty or not has me.
Burning things in general is illegal. You need a license to burn shit. Although a police officer is less likely to stop if you're burning a piece of paper, compared to all your leaves. Therefore it's all illegal (although this depends on location, I know this law to exist in North American sections)

Originally Posted by Ironic Infidel In England View Post
Do not insult pyromaniacs.. It's a dangerous path. Never mess with a group of people who are, for the most part, experts in fire and explosions.
Originally Posted by Fallstel View Post
Excuse me, do you have something against Pyromaniacs? I hope not.
Why support Pyromaniacs so much? No one on this website is one. And before you claim that you are, many people are fascinated/compelled to play with fire. Pyromaniacs have an uncontrollable urge to light everything on fire, and thus do. If you are sitting at your computer, and not outside trying to burn shit down, you're not a pyro. It's mental disease, don't take it lightly.
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