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Originally Posted by Break the Cage View Post
Drum and Bass is a huge underground scene, I fucking love it!
Possibly my fave genre, If you wanna hear some decent drum and bass then check out the likes of Baron, Adam F, DJ Hype, Pendulum, Chase and Status, Commix, Probe and Sylo etc.
While pendulum are AWESOME, you cannot call yourself a drum and bass fan if they are the only artist you listen to.

Drum and Bass isn't underground, hell half the stuff you named is considered mainstream Drum and Bass. Electronica itself is considered underground. Now if you were to name local D&B artists, THAT is underground.

For example, Dj Bowzer, greatest local I've ever heard, he plays Happy D&B. You can download his sets if you want.

The difference between main stream, and underground.

If you download a "song" and it's between 2-10 minutes. The person is trying to be a producer mainstream D&B artist. If you download something that's 50 minutes plus, they're a D&B Dj, and undergrounddd.

Pendulum is alright, same with DJ Hype, I find it hard to get into something shorter than 20 minutes.
Drum & Bass is good to dance to though at raves/clubs.
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