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Default Nightmarish issue

To anyone who has advice for sending this nightmare away or any other words of wisdom...

I used to get this one nightmare that scared the living daylights out of me all the time in middle school while I was battling depression, however it went away over the years. Now, for the past two nights I've been having one that surpasses the intensity of my old one by farrrr. I have an IM conversation that explains it because I dont' feel like typing it again.

Background info: my family and i camp in a trailer on the beach every year for two weeks

olxbluxeyes: we went to get our trailer inspected and my brother ran off
olxbluxeyes: and then we found him and got in trouble with the guy working there
olxbluxeyes: he[the guy working there] put us all to sleep and made us do horrible things, like he had all these alive people all sliced up hanging in this room in plastic body bags and our job was to squeeze them until all their blood came out
olxbluxeyes: and then last night
olxbluxeyes: I had the same dream, except I was in SC on vacation, and I was put to sleep on an operating table
olxbluxeyes: I got in trouble as well as my mom, and she wasn't punished, but I was going to be. I think the guy was gonna perform a surgery on me while I was awake, but brittany[my friend whose house I was sleeping over at] woke me up before it happened cuz she said I was moving around in my sleep a lot
olxbluxeyes: I woke up with tears in my eyes
olxbluxeyes: and like, we HAD to do the job cuz if we didn't, he'd hang us up and slice us like the others and we'd have all the blood drained from us

I woke up with intense feelings of fear and depression. If it has any significance, I suffer from mild insomnia...


Donna M.
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