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Default Womb's Purgatory

This is a sci-fi story I'm writing.

He began to unconsciously wiggle his toes as a surge of life pulsed through his muscles. His legs twitched in a small, spastic scissor-kick. Then, his fingers, up to his elbows. His head rolled around gently. He tried to open his eyes but he couldn’t. All he could do was feel and hear- something also clogged his nose and mouth. A deep gush, like a heartbeat, swam around him, and all he felt was warm, wet resistance to his movements.

No words ran through his head to go with these odd feelings. He could have been a fetus in a womb for all he knew at that moment. The maternal tranquility was shattered soon by a metallic whirring, and a feeling of cold steel on his back and chest, then the feeling of being lifted. His head hit air, and he couldn’t breathe it in- but he was still breathing, somehow. The air felt chilly and mean. He didn’t know what was happening on the outside, but all he felt was the longing to be placed back in the womb.

A stirring in his chest brought his alertness to its highest peak. Something was slithering inside him, and rising up. He felt it move through his windpipe- suddenly he felt like he was choking. It wiggled past his uvula, and he felt a small burst of bile regurgitate into the back of his mouth, but it fell back down his esophagus.

Now he was dangling in the air, being held only by the cold metal claw. It spun him around slowly in a half circle and then began to lower. The soles of his feet touched a smooth but crispy material, like a silky leaf. Other strange appendages began to take hold of him- still chilly, but these were fleshy and softer. He felt somewhat slimy as they lowered him down, moving up his body as they lay him in a sitting position.

The metal claw released him and whirred up into the heavens. He felt himself moving… was this birth or death? This was too much for his release into life, or afterlife, or purgatory… he was barely comprehensive but still held onto his reasoning of life and death. He felt a sleepy sensation take him… maybe this was death.

He’d have to let him enfold him to find out. Letting it take him, he slipped away…

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