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Default Do You Belive?

Do you belive in astrology?
In the zodiac's?

My mum LOVES it

she read this about me and thinks its me exactly
I think its creepy...
and she needs stronger meds


The Virgo male is still water that runs deep!
Watch out...there's a lot more to this angel than what appears on the surface!
Outwardly he may appear as having a lack of feeling but that is only
to conceal too much emotion and a lack of self confidence in social situations.
This angel is sensible, discreet, well spoken, wise and witty.
He will listen to other's problems and, if asked, will tackle them with dedication.
Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are the hallmarks
of the Virgo male but he will shy away from positions of leadership or responsibility.
He has a deep interest in history.
This angel is a worrier and can suffer from problems of the nervous system
and the digestive organs. He should avoid exotic or spicy foods.
This modest and shy, intelligent and diligent angel makes a good husband.
If your man is Virgo born....treasure him.

What are you're thoughts?

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