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Default More Mexican Boarder...

More on the Mexican Boarder…

The governor of New Mexico has just vetoed a bill that would allow the whole state to become a giant sanctuary for the Illegal immigrants. This guy is actually the highest Latino in the government.

Mr. Bush has/or is proposing something that will let all illegal immigrants get a work card for 3 years. After three years, if everything is fine they will become a citizen. I do not agree with that. They came into the USA illegally, and they have to earn their way in like most other LEGAL immigrants.

But what does that do with the boarder? NOTHING.

All of the government officials are pussies for not saying something to bush or doing something about it. They all want to keep their 4 mill a year job (its probably more than that) and they want to be elected for everything and they don’t want their image hurt. Same with Bush. He doesn’t want to have people mad at him i.e. Latinos.

Governor Arnold somewhat did. He said “we need to close down the boarders”. Yes we do. Until bush does something, it needs to be closed. But his advisors probably was up his all and made Arnold retract his statement and say “I meant we need to secure the boarders”. Its all political bullshit.

Something needs to be done before Al Quida or someone brings in a bomb through the boarder and sets it off. Then it will be to fucking late.
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