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Default Un-wanting thoughts During Masturbation

Its me Adam, and I want to thank those who helped me on my last problem. Well, if I am not annoying anyone, I would like to discuss another. You see I haave another. You see being that I had this whole issue with sexual orientaton, at times when I masterbate, and cum to a woman, a man will pop into my head. Why can't I concentrate? I mean I even masterbated today, and it happened again. I also have another issue, that is worse. Somtimes my mind is so worse, that my own nephews will pop in my head. Now let me tell you, I am NOT a child malester. I DON'T touch cildren to satisfy myself, and sometimes I stay away from them completley. Do you think I am mentaly disturbed. I am trying to think of what the problem is. When I was little, around the age of 5, my farther had a friend. Now let me tell, my parents always kept an eye on me, and I would have remembered if he took his penis out. Anyway, sometimes he would pick me up and kiss me on the neck, you know the way mothers do it to their babys. As I got older, the more I thought about it and got diturbed. I always thought, that grown men should never touch little kids this, way, no matter how harmless they think it is. My point, between cases like this idiot, and my nephew, or a handsom guy at college, they all pop into my head while a masturbate and cum to a woman. Whats going on?, Do you think I am an evil person?
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