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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by Free Runner 4 Life
If gay people get a forum to talk about issues about being gay, straight people and bi-sexual people will also deserver a forum for their sexual orientation. I know a gay friend who goes to a 80%:20% Gay:Straight college where the straight guys get picked on by the gay folks and are given a hard time for not being gay. It isnt very comon where this situation is the most common one, but it does happen.
It does happen, so they can talk about it in the new forum. We will NOT have a forum that complements each sexuality because they should all blend.
About the blue bolded letters in the quotes: why the heck would you even assume that it's only going to be about gay people? Why can't it be about the entire GLBTQ community like I said, allowing straight people to come to? Why can't it address any problems similar or that have to do with any of those sexualities on any side?
Just....urrrgh it pisses me off so much to even hear your opinion on this

Originally Posted by Free Runner 4 Life
What if somebody who is straight has 5 brothers. And all of them are gay. He hates himself because he is the only one that is straight and doesnt feel normal. He/she will want help in the situation like any other person if the situation was flipped. Jesus Christ! Make rational decisions please! Even it out.
Then they can talk about it in the Sexuality forum! I don't see why straight people need a whole different forum. They can all share the same forum. I don't see the problem with that. Besides, why should straight people have a forum when their problems are rare? They should share the Teen Sexuality forum.

I want to remind everyone that the Gay Bar has always been for gay, lesbian, bisexual AND straight people as it says in it's forum description. Why haven't people read this?

And even more so I don't see the reason why we shouldn't include the GLBTQ community because that's what the forum's for
Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders (accepted part of the gay community) and questioning people (people who have no idea what their sexuality is)
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