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Default Re: Im Sick And Tired Of This!!

Good job kickin' the shit outta that asshole! However, killing yourself (OR HIM) will only cause more problems (such as pain in those you love, over your death or a prison sentence). I suggest that you invest in some self-defense training (hey, you may be getting stronger every day, but if he's still bigger than you, this'll help). That way, you can "take care of things" if he ever starts up. Keep doin' this and the whole situation will turn around. HE will be AFRAID of YOU! Then he'll give you and your mom the respect you both deserve (unless HE wants another beating ) ! I hope everything works out anyway. Good Luck!!

Oh and here's a link to some self defense videos I have used (against assholes at my school) that are pretty fun to watch too (like knocking the person out, pulling down there pants, and playing "hide the spice bottle" !!! ).

that's part 1. Just watch that till part 11 and NEVER let him touch you again!
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