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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Ah I knew this was gonna happen.

Your straight bar?! Now that's just being unfair and selfish. Please tell me what problems you have that you have specifically for being straight. Do you need help coming out? How to handle family and friends for being straight? Ah I could go on but I'd be wasting my time explaining to someone who is only being selfish rather than thinking the help this forum brings.

You have relationships and puberty101. We should help all kinds of people who have specific problems. Being gay/bi is a specific problem, being straight isn't a problem teens face.
If gay people get a forum to talk about issues about being gay, straight people and bi-sexual people will also deserver a forum for their sexual orientation. I know a gay friend who goes to a 80%:20% Gay:Straight college where the straight guys get picked on by the gay folks and are given a hard time for not being gay. It isnt very comon where this situation is the most common one, but it does happen.

What if somebody who is straight has 5 brothers. And all of them are gay. He hates himself because he is the only one that is straight and doesnt feel normal. He/she will want help in the situation like any other person if the situation was flipped. Jesus Christ! Make rational decisions please! Even it out.
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