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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

All my school books are written in pink highlighter and black pen. I can't write in my books if I don't have those colours. A week ago, we were taking notes in class and I had written a whole page of them. My friend drew a smiley face in orange on the corner of the page. I had to rip out that page at start all over again.

I brush my teeth in a curtain way, (10 brush strokes on each side of my teeth in a curtain order), and if i don't do it like that, I think my teeth will fall out or something.

I put my clothes on in an order and if I don't, I think something bad will happen and it irritates me all day.

EVERYTHING has to be symmetrical and straight.

When a word on TV or in a sentence sticks out, I write it with my first finger on my thumb.

There are more hahahaha...

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