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Default Re: Wakening Up To Find A Unwanted Feeling

Originally Posted by Fallstel View Post
Sorrry Jackson, but it's not different, it's simply incorrect. You still lack the knowledge to spell some very simple words ('dazzling'), you're missing out on a lot of very, very basic punctuation, and your story has no formattting at all. I doubt you even planned it out, I can just tell by the big jumble of text that has about 7-8 different subjects in it. No offense, but I think you're just writing this off the top of your head.

Also, I am not spamming. I'm sorry if what you came here for is some one to sympathize with you on the story subject, but that's too bad, I've come here to criticize your writing, which is partly what the forum was made for.

Have a great day! : )

Edit: Olivia, what the hell are you going on about? I honestly can't understand anything you say.

Ok am sorry but if ur going to be critical FUCK OFF! off my thread thanks,

And olivia do u mind not using such provocative language on MY threads thanks,
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