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Default Homophobic private chrsitian Summer school

Yea i still didn't tell my mom that im gay cuz i scared and she made me go to this summer school thats like in a highway and i made a few friends but the things is like everyone there is homopohic kk the 1st day i i made a few friends at lunch he brought out his ipod and he was listening to elpant man sumthing about dance on chi chi man (Queer man) and toke out a picture of Lance (forgot last name) and stomped on it. and other ppl in the school they just really really homopobic remarks when u do the slightest thing that looks gay like this yesterday morning i dorped my pencil and pick it up.. next thing ya hear... HOMO u waiting for a dude to come fk u? and im having a really hard time progessing (<i have no idea what that means)
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