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Default Re: scientific discoveries of the holocaust

considering were talking about HORRIBLE acts of human cruelty
where people were literally strapped naked to beds and sliced open with no sedatives or pain killers of any kind
while there chests were literally sawed open and organs examined and studied

I have no problem with them keeping it secret

I have no problem with everything the Nazis did being brought to light
what they did....

"During Hitler’s fascist Third Reich, the Nazis annihilated approximately 11 million innocent Europeans, including 6 million Jews. "

"What we rarely recollect are these victims, and the grotesque details of Nazi medical experiments performed on them: the eyeball injections, the pressure chambers, the sterilizations, the extreme-cold endurance tests, the futile and often frivolous dissections, the castrations."

A full record of what happened should be kept of what happened
but I dont think anything the assholes could use to even dare attempting to justify it with should be let out

not to mention it will just make modern societys feel extremly guilty that possibly major pieces of modern medicine are derived from unspeakable acts of torture on the innocent


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