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Default I'm... Confused

Bear with me, this is complicated.

My girlfriend and I have been going out for a year. Great relationship, we really got along. A few weeks ago, she just broke off contact. Stopped answering her phone, wouldn't call back, nothing. I couldn't call her parents or friends because...

The relationship was forbidden. A few months ago, I slapped her (we were just fooling around, it wasn't aggressive) and her friends (NOT mine) took it out of context and told her dad, who told her mom, both of whom hate me now, but she kept secretly going out with me.

So she broke off contact, and here I get a call out of the blue from one of those same friends, who hated me from the start of the relationship, telling me that she hates me and has been going out with someone else. They also said that she had to have surgery (I think they said she fell down the stairs) but wouldn't give me any details on that, which I assume is why she broke off contact. But the thing was none of this came from her mouth - they said all of it, supposedly coming from stuff she was writing down. They, through the entire call, were taking turns making fun of me and lying about me.

So the question is: Who should I believe?


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