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Default Re: Is it ok...... pt.2

Well. You can be sexually attracted to anyone really. In my opinion its normal to be sexually attracted to family members. (But not really) If your sister is hot, and you think she is aswell then theres no denying it. You cant just not think she is hot because she is your sister. Guys will be guys, and sometimes we cant help ourselves! (BUT TO LOOK!)

I dunno f i know the entire story but if you have been masturbating to her than thats sort of...weird. Its one thing to look but then masturbating to her is just wrong. Well, if you picture having sex with her it would be worse than just picturing her. Its all really complicated, but basically aslong as you dont have sex with her or have any other sexual encounter with her and just stick to looking then i think its fine. Just dont make it into a habit

PS. I know i have a different way of looking at things and im sure somebody will disagree with me. But hey, everyones got their own opinions
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