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Default Re: No-Suicide Pledge

Since my last attempted I realised how badly it hurt and affected my closest friends. They visited me whilst I was in the hospital, and one of them even came as soon as they heard and came and stayed with me while I was in the trauma room in the ER. She sat there with me for 5 hours, on a stool, in the middle of an ER, crying. I was completely out of it, I was hallucinating, losing consciousness, talking to her inside my head from the medication I had overdosed on. I hurt her so much having to see me like that.

My closest friend couldn't come until the next day, and when she did she just burst out crying when she saw me in the hospital room. Ever since that day I vowed never to hurt my friends like that again. I even promised her that I would never kill myself again.

So, this is for you. Casey, Maddy and Caitlyn.
I, Michelle, pledge to never commit suicide under any circumstances.

~I find that the hardest part about living, is knowing that you have to take the breaths in order to survive, even when you don't want to~
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