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Default Re: 5ft. 9in. tall?! 13 1/2 years old?

Originally Posted by Greyson View Post
I know this is off-topic, but what is a happy-trail?
Some guys get what's most commonly known as a happy trail - it's a line of hair that can reach from your belly button to your pubic hair and can go up to your chest hair. Not all guys have this

Originally Posted by music_is_life123 View Post
hey guys. I was just wondering if 5ft. 10in. tall is like not normal or unusual for a 13 year old.

and also, i think i am almost done with puberty.
ive got completely full pubic hair, really hairy armpits, really hairy legs, an almost full happy-trail, almost a full beard, and my voice isnt really changed yet, but it has broken and cracks frequently.

is all this too soon?
No, you're just gonna be a hairy, big guy. It's very rare to find a person that's "too soon", and you're normal, you're just a bit different You're still in puberty though, that isn't signs of a guy that's done with puberty.
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