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Default Problematic thinking...

I was dating a girl for 2 months and then she suddenly broke it off with me after meeting my best friend saying that i was "too nice" and she wasn't ready for how real our relationship felt. Time passed and my friend did what he said he wouldnt and he hooked up with her after he took her to our schools dance. After that my other best friend who i kind of fell back to during the situation was killed in an accident. TIme passed and i ended back up with my gf and we are still dating now for almost two years. Ever since we have gotten back together i feel like i have two personalities and i was wondering how to change my thinking because my mind has become very problematic. I am always looking for the deeper meaning of everyone of her actions and other peoples and i feel like people are always hiding things or talking about me. I have forgiven her and i truly do love her but i always get mad and say shit bout how she backstabbed me and shes starting to get annoyed. I feel bad about it but i also feel an urge to ask questions and make her feel guilty. I am always connecting new occurences that are of no significance and making them into a subplot that builds of her previous infidelity and when i do this i become a very creepy personality that i am aware of. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? Also i have a really guilty conscience for not feeling like crying at my friends funeral even when i carried his casket...why is this and is it normal?! SOrry this is long but i needed to let loose. Thanks everyone who reads this through and all comments are greatly appreciated!!!
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