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Originally Posted by Egolfius View Post
Hmmm my understanding was that satanism wasn't exactly the worship of satan, but was actually the philosophy that you there are no rules, you can do whatever you want, and no one is more important than yourself. Am I wrong? I'm just curious, if you believe in the devil it means you believe in God. So yes, God might be a douche bag because he lets all this happen, but satan is the douche bag who creates all the trouble in the world, at least that's the story in the historical fiction book called the bible.
You've got theistic Satanism, versions of this, and one very common form of atheistic Satanism that was started by Anton LaVey.

It really depends who you ask. I've met Satanists that take The Satanic Bible very, very metaphorically. Which would make your summary pretty accurate. I've met LaVeyan Satanists who take the "scripture" half literally but don't believe in the ritual side, and then I've met Satanists who are full witchcraft-using (if witches don't mind me calling it that) Satanists who follow the Statements, Sins, and Rules of the Earth to a T.

Your summary there, to me, suggests that Satanism is pure philosophy. Which, in it's original form, it generally isn't. It's very close to a philosophy, with the absense of worship, but it isn't pure philosophy, especially because of the magic and rituals talked about in Anton LaVey's books that some Satanists do practice. Which is why I defined a couple types of LaVeyan Satanists I've known. Some take the philosophy and then think, I guess, that the magic was either just part of the scheme to keep away close-minded people or that it's just not literal magic.

Anton LaVey's Satanism is pretty much the opposite of Christianity. The Satanic Bible pretty much shoots down every-single Christian sin and tells why the sins are actually beneficial, or otherwise perfectly fine human nature. Talking about why the "golden" rule actually puts you at other people's mercy because if they don't want to change how they treat you, you are just letting them push you around. It's about celebrating yourself as you are the most important thing to your life and certainly if you don't take care of yourself no one else can possibly be benefited. And about being proactive about changing yourself, your circumstances, gaining things in life and becoming a better person.

It's a great read, but if you're a Christian who is close-minded it'll probably infuriate the fuck out of you as it's pretty much talking about the flaws in Christian beliefs for half the book. He happens to be extremely correct in most of the analysis however.

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