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Yeah. Unless you want to be gay, you aren't gay. KK? But if you really feel this way, I'll say that you are gay... I'll admit it, and I'm a Christian![/QUOTE]

U can't decide trust me I've tried although I fell I'm coming to gribs with it and I have told one of my BEST friends and he is fine with it but is extremly str8 I don't think he will ever become curious although he said he had done when he was younger but we are pritty young right now and I feel he might just be trying to comfort me. Despite him being str8 I am starting to have deeper feelings than friendship with him now and feel like i (this sounds REALLY CHEESEY) I feel like i am begining to love him the feelings are not just sexual but i really do adore him and that other boy. I just feel that i now should just enjoy the feelings i have and if they change over time well they do but now that i have got over the "I THINK I MIGHT BE GAY" thing i can relax. All this aside I dont see myself settling down with anyone of the same or oppisate sex but see myself settling down. But i dont like being alone and want someone in my life to love in a sexual, friendship, adoring way. I feel a bit empty in this way alone, no matter how many people are around me.
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