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Default Two questions...

1. Will I be tall like what my doctor says? Yeah I'm asian, and my direct family is short... but other people around my family (cousins, and so forth) are above average to tall. My doctor showed a chart saying I'm going to be 6'1 (6'2' if you push it). My mom is about 5'1 and my dad is about 5'3 1/2'." I'm currently 5'7''. However there is something... interesting. i officially entered puberty when I was about 11 or 12. My parents and sister entered REALLY early (my sister was like 9, and my parent were probably the same age). I am currently 15 years old going on 16 in a few months.

2. What stage am I currently on? My voice has not deepened fully, it sometimes goes up and down (but not to the point of cracking). My armpits have a good amount of hair, but it's a garden of hair. My face is oily, I'm am starting shave... but I only shave a little spurt of hair; it never grows to a full shape. I am growing biceps comfortably, but my triceps are terrible. My penis is growing good in length (5.5 inches), but the width still seems undeveloped. I do have hair, and it's a good amount. And btw, when I turned 12 and was going on 13... I practically went two shoe sizes up, T-shirt sizes went from a medium to large, and my pants needed a makeover. I'm thinking I'm in stage 3, but I don't know.

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